Account Information

Any information that you provide about yourself or your company IS NOT sold to, disclosed to, or monitored by any third party. Your account information is kept on secure servers in order to:

  1. fulfill your order.
  2. provide you with information about your order.
  3. let you know about Cardiotext's services, offerings or promotions, if you wish.


Payment is encrypted during transmission over the Internet. Any time you see "https" at the beginning of your Cardiotext web address, you can be assured that your transaction is being encrypted.

We use 256-bit high grade encryption over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and our server certificate is issued by Your account information is retained on secure servers. Once your order is accepted, credit card information is removed from web site servers. If you are more comfortable conducting a transaction by phone, please call +1 (612) 925-2053 from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M Central Standard Time, Monday though Friday.


The Cardiotext site uses temporary session cookies to make purchasing easier. Cookies are used to identify the user once the user is logged on. For example, after logging in, cookies will allow you to leave the Cardiotext site for a short period of time and return without having to log back in. Cookies will also allow the system to remember what you place in your shopping cart if you leave the site prior to checking out: your selected items will still be in the cart for you when you return. If you close your browser, however, your shopping cart and login will be gone. If you choose to turn off cookies in your browser, our web site is still fully functional, unless you visit another website or close your browser during your session with Cardiotext.