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Electrophysiological Foundations of Cardiac Arrhythmias, Second Edition

A Bridge Between Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Ele
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Book Description

Now in an abridged second edition, Electrophysiological Foundations of Cardiac
Arrhythmias focuses on teaching the fundamental concepts of cardiac cellular
electrophysiology with an emphasis on the relationship of basic mechanisms
to clinical cardiac arrhythmias. Understanding this relationship and the
electrophysiological mechanisms underlying arrhythmogenesis will be invaluable
to physicians entering the fields of cardiology and clinical electrophysiology, as
well as those scientists and clinicians already working in these areas.

These essential concepts of electrophysiology include discussion on action
potentials, ion channels and currents, and mechanisms of arrhythmias, and
provide the working knowledge that will enable the reader to approach a board
exam confidently. Additionally, the authors build a base of understanding that will
prepare the reader for more advanced texts, such as Josephson’s Clinical Cardiac
Electrophysiology: Techniques and Interpretations.