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Cardiac Electrophysiology 2:

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Book Description

Following the bestselling Cardiac Electrophysiology: A Visual Guide for Nurses, Techs, and Fellows, this book builds upon the basic concepts of electrophysiology introduced in the first volume and guides the reader to a more in-depth understanding of cardiac electrophysiology by working through commonly encountered scenarios in the EP lab. 45 full-page landscape, high-quality color intracardiac tracings are presented as “every-day” observations and unknowns, followed by annotated tracings and discussions that emphasize a systematic approach to the interpretation of EP tracings.

Authored by a team of experts, Cardiac Electrophysiology: An ADVANCED Visual Guide for Nurses, Techs, and Fellows is an invaluable resource, providing superb guidance in developing the knowledge and skills required to practice clinical cardiac electrophysiology.