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Podrid Real-World ECGs Complete Collection

Podrid Real-World ECGs Complete Collection

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Book Description

 The complete collection of the Podrid’s Real-World ECG series - 8 volumes!

Each of the 8 workbooks in this collection teaches the art of ECG interpretation by careful analysis of specific examples and identification of important waveforms. Each ECG is taken from a real clinical case and incorporates a discussion of important diagnostic findings and essential associated electrophysiologic mechanisms, as well as critical clinical management decisions. Over 600 cases in a landscape presentation — beautifully presented ECGS, both unannotated and annotated, perfect for learning and teaching. (11” X 8.5” in print edition.)

Dr. Philip Podrid’s books on ECGs are a must for every practicing and academic cardiologist. Although there are many wonderful ECG books, this Real-World ECG series fills a huge void. It includes hundreds of high quality ECGs carefully analyzed and annotated. There is no other place where a cardiologist can find so many great ECG examples and learn how to truly analyze ECGs with the type of precision fit for Sherlock Holmes. Anyone who comes into contact with medical students and housestaff will want this series of books. It is a real treasure trove for all learners.


Kenneth A. Ellenbogen, MD

Kontos Professor and Chairman, Division of Cardiology

VCU School of Medicine

Richmond, VA