Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Handbook by Jason G. Andrade,Matthew T.Bennett, Marc W. Deyell,Nathaniel Hawkins,Andrew D. Krahn,Laurent Macle,Stanley Nattel - Cardiology eBooks from Cardiotext Publishing

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Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Handbook

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Book Description

The Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Handbook is a succinct, schematic presentation of all the practical information that is needed to understand the subtleties of cardiac electrophysiology and the management of arrhythmias. This book focuses on the “how to”— the approaches used to identify, diagnose, and manage a broad range of cardiac rhythm disorders; and an understanding of the “why”— the underlying fundamental and clinical science concepts forming the basis for clinical electrophysiology decision-making.


“ . . . a quick source for information in the EP lab or on the wards, as well as a guide to learning—offering the ability to quickly review the essential components prior to a case or to rapidly reinforce new notions and practices encountered during a case.” — From the Preface



"As a young specialist in cardiac EP, I really enjoyed studying this handbook, which served as an invaluable additional source to prepare for the European Heart Rhythm Association examinations in cardiac EP and cardiac rhythm devices. The book can be highly recommended to EP Fellows preparing for the board examinations, and also to the practitioner caring for the arrhythmia patient.”

- Ardan Saguner, MD
European Heart Journal

Doody Review by:

Samy Abdelghani, MD(Ochsner Clinic Foundation)


This is a basic overview of cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmia management.

It is intended as a guide to understanding the building blocks of
electrophysiology, including electrophysiology studies and basic arrhythmia
management strategies.


As it is written at an intermediate level review, this book would be helpful for
cardiology fellows or general cardiologists interested in electrophysiology.


It covers the fundamentals of the cardiac action potential all the way through
the medical and invasive management of numerous types of arrhythmias including,
but not limited to, AVNRT, focal atrial tachycardia, atrial fibrillation,
atrial flutter, ventricular fibrillation, and ventricular tachycardia. In
addition, it discusses the assessment and management of bradycardia, syncope,
and sudden cardiac death. Numerous graphics and tables complement the text very

This is an exceptional reference for multiple levels of cardiology providers
interested in arrhythmia or involved in the care of patients with arrhythmia
from a medical or invasive standpoint. It provides an excellent basic
understanding of electrophysiology.